Lotus Ayu Silver

Our shop which is located on Jl. Sangkan Gunung, Sidemen, Karangasem - Bali - Indonesia has been operating since 1989. We have a large selection of silver jewelry in our gallery. So, it is very easy for customers who want to visit and see the traditional jewelry making process with an emphasis on handmade techniques. This is the first step in growing customer confidence that all the products we make are handmade and have competitive quality.

Silver Class

We believe that the beauty of silver should be shared. Therefore, we offer a variety of silversmith classes that allow you to understand the creative process behind each piece of jewelry we create. In these classes, you will understand advanced techniques, gain in-depth insight into silver art, and create your own unique silver jewelry.

Experienced Mentors

Our team has experienced silversmiths who will guide you with in-depth knowledge in the art of silver, ensuring you receive valuable guidance to develop your skills.

Quality Products

We emphasize the highest quality in every silver product we create, with quality materials and attention to detail to ensure that every piece of jewelry we produce exudes beauty and durability.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive prices for our silversmith grades and silver products. We believe that quality silver art doesn't have to be expensive, so we are committed to providing the best value to our customers.

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