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Meet Our Mentor

Behind each of our beautiful silver jewelry, there are the talented hands of a silversmith who has been dedicated to this art for many years.

Nyoman Sugita

Nyoman Sugita

Silver and Gold

Master silver and gold craftsman from Dukuh Sangkan Gunung village, Bali. Despite having no formal education, his dedication to the art led him to become a dazzling expert. In his 35 year career, he has created many valuable pieces of silver and gold jewelry. Apart from that, he also has valuable experience in various silver companies in Bali, which shows his level of expertise in the art of silver and gold crafts.




Experienced silversmith, has been pursuing his artistic career for over 25 years. He began his silver art journey in Lumajang, East Java, before moving to Bali Island in 1999. Over the course of his career, he has created a variety of professional and impressive silver crafts. Based on his experience, he is the perfect choice if you are looking for high-quality silver crafts. He is always committed to providing unique and stunning silver crafts.

Skills and Experience

Years of proven craftsmanship are the foundation of every piece of silver art we produce. Our silversmiths, with over two decades of experience in the art of silver, have understood every nuance in the process of creating exceptional silver jewelry. The high skill and dedication possessed by our team guarantees that every piece of jewelry we create is a reliable, high quality and impressive handicraft product.

Creativity in Every Work

Creativity is the soul of every silver jewelry we create. Our craftsmen are not only skilled in jewelry making techniques, but are also full of inspiration to create mesmerizing works of art. Each piece of jewelery is a testament to our ability to combine traditional elements with stunning innovation. We believe that every piece of silver jewelry should reflect uniqueness and personal expression, and that is what we always convey through each of our pieces.

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